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Park Admission, registration and skate rules


Storybook Gardens is currently closed for the season. Spring and summer updates will be posted to our social media pages and website as they become available. Thank you for a great winter season.


Winter ADMISSION FEES AS OF november 26, 2020

$3.00 per person

Registration for the skate trail sessions is required. Registration and skating schedules will be available at Play Your Way online starting Saturday, November 28 at 10:00 a.m. Registration can be completed online or by emailing up to seven days in advance of the session start date.

Each participant registered for a skating session is required to complete the City of London Health Assessment prior to entering the arena. Please print off the assessment form and bring it with you to Storybook Gardens for your session.



  1. Skaters 5 years of age or younger must wear a CSA approved helmet while skating. A full cage is recommended but is not required. No hockey sticks, pucks, or balls are allowed on the ice.
  2. No one is permitted on the ice who is not wearing skates. Adults wishing to support their child must walk around the edge of the skate trail.
  3. All guests must be 12 years of age or older to enter without a parent or guardian.
  4. Skate aids are permitted on the ice at the discretion of the skate cruiser and or supervisor. Skate aids are not to be used by children or adults who do not need skating support.
  5. Sleds or toboggans are not permitted on the ice.
  6. Sturdy strollers are permitted on the ice under the control of a responsible adult who is a competent skater. Collapsible “umbrella" style strollers are too tipsy and are not permitted. The wheels of the stroller must be checked for grit or sand prior to moving on to the ice surface. Children in strollers do not require a helmet.
  7. Adults are not permitted to carry children while on the ice surface.
  8. Wheelchairs are permitted on the ice. The wheels must be checked for grit or sand prior to moving on to the ice surface.
  9. No food or beverages are allowed on to the ice surface. Please enjoy snacks and drinks while seated on a bench or around the campfire.
  10. Everyone must skate in the same direction.
  11. No tag, crack the whip or games of horse play.
  12. The use of electronic devices for listening to music, texting etc. while on the ice is not permitted.
  13. No smoking. Storybook Gardens is a smoke free environment.
  14. Visitors wearing skates must be on the ice or rubber mats only. Visitors are not to walk around on the "grass" areas while wearing skates, due to the presence of cords and wires underneath the snow layer.
  15. The skating patrol staff is on site to enforce these regulations and to ensure a safe skating environment for all patrons. The skate patrol has the authority from Storybook Gardens to have any person(s) not abiding by these regulations to be removed from the facility.

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Register for your skating time slot through Play Your Way Online!

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Storybook Gardens is currently closed to the public. Updates will be posted as they become available.